Trans model proves that transgender people are the same as ordinary people

Formerly trans models were low-pitched all the time in the trans dating world and not going into fashion career. But today more and more models are gradually taking a part in fashion events. For instance, A brunette model named Ines took a part in campaigns for Barney’s and jewelry designer Alexis Bittar and she will appear in a French TV channel. The main purpose of this TV program is to show her daily life, and proves trans women are just ordinary people in her words.

And now she is 26-year-old model and trying to be an activist of the transgender dating world, but the facts suggest otherwise. It took her several years to get used to being the activist of trans community. Since she was 18 years old, she lived as a girl in private.

Just two and a half year ago Ines appeared in public as a transgender. However, she still needed to focus more on her personal life even that time. She said to the public that she needed some time to get used to sharing her stories and to be her own. As time goes on, Ines succeeded in being herself and gradually eliminated people’s prejudice against trans people.

Today, Ines is going to take part in a discussion about trans people and the topic has also received worldwide attention. Particularly something more important to her is that this topic will be raised by her in her hometown in France where transgender people are not usually accepted. And for this reason she wishes people of her country will be able to see that she is not different from the ordinary people by her upcoming documentary, she believes it will bring trans people and ordinary people closer together.

Ines says that she will show her real life to all the human beings that she lives like an ordinary people as a trans woman. The audiences will see how she was meeting, performing, sharing what her family and friends think of her in this documentary. Of course, her parents also join the documentary. She wants everyone to know the old stigma will be broken down in this way.

When it comes to fashion, Ines says that she seems to have an ability to touch the world and a power to broke he constraint of this world. For now, some clothing brand like Zara and H&M have engaged trans models in their campaigns. And this situation is what Ines wanted to see. Ines also wants to take a part in some campaigns about the field of beauty in the future. She thinks that all human beings have the same appearance problems and all of them hope to look good.

According to her words, not only does she hope to change everyone’s thoughts of transgender people, but she also wants to live and work like an ordinary model.