Clothing Tips for Transgender MTF

Dressing is a must lesson for all shemale beginners. We had been presenting ourselves as male in the past decades. How to properly change to dress as a female without catch attention? This seems to be a very easy thing, but actually, it is much harder than you thought. There are many mysteries in dressing. If you don’t know them, you probably will be clocked for it. Today, we are offering you some tips and advice on how to dress.

First, don’t wear very big and baggy clothing or tight clothing. The body structure of male is often much bigger than that of women’s. We want to make it seem as smaller as possible. If you are wearing really big and baggy clothes, it cannot make you look smaller, on the other hand, it will make you look bigger, which is manlier if you are a transgender woman. For another, if you wear very tight clothes, it will show your muscles out and also maybe is one of the reasons why you are getting clocked.

Second, take care of some certain parts of your body. Shoulders may potentially give you away. There is a major difference between man and woman—shoulders. Man’s shoulders are often wider and stronger than that of woman’s. You don’t want to emphasize them. Try to collapse them down by wearing clothes that shows your chest as much as possible. If you still think your shoulders look big, you can wear a scarf and other accessories. In this way, people would focus more on your chest instead of your shoulders. Arms are also need your attention. You may have some manly and muscular arms, but that is okay. You can wear clothes which keep your arms covered. The last one is hips. If you want to have sexy and big hips, the only way is working out. There are no such clothes that could make your hips look bigger and sexier. But do not wear tight pants. They definitely cannot make them look bigger, but only smaller.

Do not draw attention to yourselves. Many transgender women who just transitioned are excited to show their femininity. They like to wear big sparkles, miniskirts, stockings and so on. They really focus on what is popular, what other women wears and what makes them look sexy, or at least they think so. However, at the most of the time, they are not making them look sexy, but only erratic and odd, which would cause attention and get clocked. Instead, wear something that is casual and comfortable to you. You will definitely be happier because you are less likely to be clocked.

Do not wear high heel unless you are 100% good at them. High heels are the biggest challenge for transgender beginners. If you can’t wear them well, you will end up looking like a clown. If you are to wear them, try to practice for some time first. Walk a straight line. Keep your back straight. Keep your head up and keep your feet facing forward.