Trans dating tips for newbies

Transgender people especially transgender women are active on many trans dating sites, but I want to mention that not all transgender women are dating expert. Many of my transgender friends have find their love on trans dating sites, so I wan to share some trans dating tips with newbies.

How to choose profile pictures?

Profile picture is the first thing you need to consider about. Make sure to use a clear photo, be alone in your photo, and crop it to your face. Many of my transgender friends like men who look confident. Photos with body and muscle are attractive to them. If you are a man looking for trans women on trans dating sites, please choose a photo in which you look confident. However, different women like different men, for me, I like handsome and nonchalantly men. Humorous men are attractive for me, so I don’t like men to show their body in the photo. Although, trans women’s preference on men is different from one to another, a common tip of profile picture is be yourself and keep confident.

How to write your personal description?

You can find that when you sign up at transgender dating app you need to write a description, it is often called “about me”. First, you need to describe what are you looking for, and what kind f relationship do you prefer to? As far as I know, some people date trans women for a long term relationship, while some people just date trans women for fun. Remember don’t write some rude words on your description. Trans women don’t like men who don’t write anything in the description, it shows that you are not serious in finding a ts dating partner. The same as cisgender women, every trans women don’t want to date a man who is impolite and don’t respect them. It couldn’t e better if you can write something interesting and attractive in your description.

How to introduce yourself?

When you are matched with a trans woman, then you need to chat with her. The start of a conversation is self introduction. You need to introduce yourself to your partner, then she can know you well. Your partner will introduce herself to you as well. However, and a man, you should start the conversation by introduce yourself firstly. Self introduction is easier than other parts. First, you need to introduce your name, and your job. You don’t need to introduce everything very clear in the first communication, both you ad your partner can gradually know each other in the future. Just keep connection in daily life.

I just introduced 3 tips here, and I know those tips are not enough for newbies to have a trans dating. If you are interested in trans dating, you can follow this site to know more about trans dating. Here are many dating tips for transgender people and cisgender people who want to date transgender people. I think this site can help you a lot in trans dating.